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AI models like GPT-3 are trained on vast datasets containing text from the Internet, often resulting in parts of text being marked as plagiarized content by a plagiarism checker. While you can remove plagiarism by editing AI-generated content manually, there's a smarter way to make any text unique. Meet GPTinf — a robust plagiarism remover tool that will help you easily bypass Turnitin detection, both for originality and AI-generated content.

Why is plagiarism remover the best way to bypass Turnitin AI?

GPTinf can be your way to go if your text is to be checked with Turnitin for originality or for AI-written content. Our robust plagiarism remover paraphrases text, replacing conventional phrases and clichés and changing sentence structures, introducing diverse vocabulary and grammar, which results in unique, plagiarism-free content that can bypass Turnitin.

How to bypass Turnitin AI detection?

Let's face it: the best way to bypass Turnitin AI detection is to keep your writing manual. Fair enough, since AI-generated content follows certain patterns and structures, making it easy for Turnitin to detect parts of content created by an AI-powered generator.

Another way to bypass Turnitin AI detection is to edit AI-generated text. AI-generated content is characterized by the overuse of clichés, repetitive sentence structures, and poorer language choices compared to human writing. You can rewrite an AI-generated copy, replacing repetitive phrases and varying sentence structure and length throughout the text. While this method works, it takes time and calls for advanced writing skills.

Or you can use GPTinf — a reliable plagiarism remover that helps create unique content out of AI-generated text in just a couple of clicks. GPTinf will rewrite the text for you quickly without compromising on quality. It paraphrases repetitive word combinations and sentences with similar structure, resulting in human-like, plagiarism-free content.

How does Turnitin AI detection work?

The Turnitin AI detection tool indicates a percentage of the text that AI-driven writing tools may have generated, highlighting segments presumably written by AI. Once the document is accepted by Turnitin, it's split into segments containing around a few hundred words each. Next, these segments are overlapped to preserve context.

Then, the sentence segments are processed by the Turnitin AI detection model, and each sentence is scored 0 to 1. 0 means that a sentence was not generated by artificial intelligence, while 1 indicates that the whole sentence was produced by AI. The model makes an overall prediction based on the average scores of all the segments within the text.

How does the plagiarism remover tool work?

Our plagiarism fixer effectively removes plagiarism by paraphrasing sentences and replacing repetitive phrases with synonyms while retaining the meaning of the uploaded content.


Is it safe to use plagiarism remover?

Yes, our plagiarism remover is absolutely safe to use. The AI-generated content users upload isn't mismanaged, or sub-licensed to third parties.

Which website is best for removing plagiarism?

We recommend using GPTinf since we don't know how other tools work. GPTinf was designed to rephrase sentences and replace repetitive phrases, resulting in a unique copy that can bypass AI content detection. We take pride in our tool's 99% detector bypass rate and keep improving it to achieve even more spectacular results.

What is a Turnitin detection bypasser?

A Turnitin detection bypasser is a software application that makes changes in text so that it isn't identified as plagiarized or AI-generated by Turnitin. GPTinf can help you bypass most popular detectors, including Turnitin. It paraphrases content so that it becomes unique and doesn't retain any features specific to AI-written text, such as repetitive sentence structure, duplicate content, and overuse of clichés.

Do plagiarism removers work?

Plagiarism checkers scan text for matches with the existing texts, looking for similarities in wording in the first place. Automated plagiarism removers like GPTinf rewrite content. They introduce changes by using synonyms and different sentence structures.

How can I fix plagiarism online?

You can easily remove plagiarism by using our online tool. GPTinf is easy to use: you need to insert your text into the box, click a button, and get human-like, plagiarism-free text.

Can I fix plagiarism manually?

Yes. First, you should identify the portions of your text that are plagiarized. Once you've identified plagiarized content, rewrite or paraphrase it in your own words. Ensure that the new text is substantially different from the original source while retaining the core meaning.

This can be achieved by replacing words and phrases with synonyms, altering the sentence structure (changing the word order, using different grammatical structures, or breaking long sentences into shorter ones and vice versa), and including additional information.

You can also use examples or data different from those marked as plagiarized. Finally, switching between active and passive voice or altering the perspective (e.g., first-person to third-person) can also be helpful.

After making revisions, thoroughly review your work to ensure that it no longer contains any instances of plagiarism. Use plagiarism detection tools to confirm that you have successfully addressed the issue.

Removing plagiarism manually is quite possible; however, it can be time-consuming, especially if you lack writing skills. If you're short of time or aren't good at writing, you can use GPTinf to paraphrase your text so that it is plagiarism-free.

Can GPTinf be used offline?

No, our tool requires an Internet connection to be used.

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