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Say goodbye to time-consuming manual rewrites and hello to an efficient rewriter tool that will help you transform any AI-generated essay, article, social media post, or whatever made up of words into undetectable, unique content. As a powerful rewriting tool, GPTinf paraphrases text so that it becomes plagiarism-free and human-like, helping you easily bypass AI content detectors, including Originality AI.

Key features of our rewriting tool

Our rewording tool is designed with your needs in mind, ensuring that you can achieve remarkable results every time you use it.

Powerful text converter

GPTinf effectively removes repetitive vocabulary and grammatical structures, replacing them with more diverse language. Our tool is an excellent choice for those who need to humanize AI text to bypass AI detectors saving time and effort.


Our rewriting tool boasts an ultimately intuitive, user-friendly interface to make essay or article rewriting as easy as one-two-three. All you need to do is paste the text into the GPTinf box and press the button.

Fast and reliable

Our converter is fast and reliable, making it a popular choice for those who want to create unique content quickly without compromising on quality. Besides transforming AI content into human form, GPTinf boasts a 96% detector bypass rate.

Plagiarism remover

As a highly reliable sentence rewriter, GPTinf is an excellent option if you aim to avoid plagiarism in your copies. Our tool rearranges sentences and replaces overused phrases with synonyms so that content is identified as original by any plagiarism checker.

Multiple pricing plans

You can go for a monthly or annual plan and choose the volume of words to convert each month. Prices start at $12/month, and you can save up to 30% when purchasing an annual plan. Also, we offer a free trial.

How to bypass Originality AI detection?

AI detectors work by analyzing the text for patterns specific to AI-generated content, such as repetitive phrases and sentences, and comparing the text to a database of existing AI-generated content.

To bypass Originality AI detection, you can rewrite the AI-generated content, i.e., change the wording, introduce diverse sentence structures, split long sentences into shorter ones, etc. While this approach is effective, it is also time-consuming and calls for good writing skills.

This is where GPTinf comes to save the day. Our tool was designed to paraphrase AI-generated content so that it becomes plagiarism-free and undetectable by Originality AI.

Can GPTinf paraphrase text to bypass Originality AI?

Absolutely! Moreover, our algorithms understand context, ensuring that your rewritten text is not only unique and undetectable but also maintains its original meaning.

How does GPTinf help bypass Originality AI with rewriting?

When generating text, AI content creators use the most suitable word to come after the previous one, resulting in a piece full of conventional vocabulary and grammar. For the same reason, sentences in AI-written texts often have the same structure and length, which makes them sound monotonous.

AI content detectors like Originality AI look for repetitive vocabulary and sentence structures. Our article rewriter replaces conventional word patterns with synonyms and rearranges sentences to remove repetitive sentence structures. As a result, you get original content that can bypass any detector, including Originality AI.

Why use GPTinf’s paraphrasing tool?


With GPTinf, you can effortlessly rewrite content in minutes, saving hours of manual rewrites.


Our tool enables you to reword text so that it’s undetectable by plagiarized content detectors.

Easy to use

GPTinf has a user-friendly interface that allows you to rewrite content in a few clicks.


Our users can rest assured that their content and data remain secure when using GPTinf.


Our paraphrasing tool has a 96% detector bypass rate.


We offer affordable rates without compromising quality.

Multiple pricing options

Our users can pay monthly or annually and choose the volume of words to rewrite each month.


Can GPTinf be used as an article rewriter?

Sure! GPTinf can be used as a reliable article rewriter tool. While it was designed to paraphrase AI-generated content, GPTinf can rewrite any text, from blog articles to academic writing.

Who can use the paraphrasing tool?

Our paraphrasing tool can be used by anyone who needs to quickly rephrase content without compromising quality, for example, content creators, bloggers, students, SEO professionals, content marketers, business owners, social media managers, translators, etc.

How does one rewrite an article without any plagiarism?

Rewriting an article without any plagiarism requires a careful approach. You need to focus on ensuring that the new version is substantially different from the original while still conveying the same ideas. For starters, summarize the key points, arguments, and facts from the original article. This will help you retain the essential information without copying the wording. Next, rewrite each sentence in your own words, making sure that the new text retains the original meaning. Change the sentence structure, word choice, and phrasing.

While this approach is usually highly effective, it requires considerable time and effort. The good news is that with GPTinf, you can easily paraphrase any text in a matter of clicks.

Which paraphrasing tool is best for academic writing?

While we can’t speak for other similar tools, we are confident in GPTinf’s ability to rewrite any content, including academic pieces — our database and sophisticated algorithms make this possible.

Can Google algorithms detect paraphrased content?

Google primarily aims to provide valuable and original content to its users, so it depends on the quality of paraphrasing.

Why GPTinf?

Our tool is super easy to use. Just paste the text
press the button
get a perfectly humanized piece

Super simple


GPTinf boasts a whopping 99% detector bypass rate.

We will not charge but tell you if we don’t bypass.

We’ll help you create beautiful human content to outsmart most detectors without breaking the bank.


Flexible pricing

You can pay monthly or annually and adjust the number of words to be able to convert each month: the more words, the cheaper the plan.

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